UP Visayas Intranet Site

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About the Intranet Portal

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About UPV Intranet Web Site

UPV Intranet site serves as portal of information to four geographically scattered campuses - UPV Tacloban, UPV Cebu, UPV Iloilo, and UPV Miagao, the main campus. This site contains vital information for use of UPV constitutents - faculty, staff, REPs and students.

Types of Information
The information posted can be categorized by access type as exclusive(1),limited(2), and open(3). Exclusive data are sensitive information that can be accessed by authorized user - it requires several layer of user's authentication to the database backend. Limited data are less sensitive information usually restricted web pages and some databases access that are accessible to registered intranet site users only. Open information are those which are insensitive, thus made publicly available to all UPV constitutents.

Intranet site users may or may not have login accounts. Those who have no user accounts can access the public pages only while those who have accounts may access eclusive data (if account type is administrator) or limited data (if account type is registered).

The Intranet site will be made available online 24 hours a day by 7 days a week (24/7) and can be accessed by the constituents using the workstation connected to Campus Network information outlets (IOs). Access points not within the four campuses of UPV, eg. internet cafe, cannot open the Intranet site.

Maintenance and Updates
DISP staff under OVCPD are responsible for posting information updates and maintenance of the intranet site. Other users authorized to submit information via the content-management systems in the site are also allowed to update the information assigned to them.