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File Downloads Agreement

  1. The Intranet Portal Administrator, also called IntraAdmin, has the right to publish these downloadable files unaltered at any time with proper permission from the rightful owner.
  2. Copies to be downloaded, stored on a PC and printed for personal, non-commercial use. Additional copies, whether electronic or otherwise, may be made or distributed without the advance, written permission of IntraAdmin, so long as the file/s remain/s unaltered. All other rights reserved.
  3. The file/s must not be commercialized or modified unless expressly permitted by IntraAdmin or any rightful owner.
  4. The Intranet systems adopt anti-virus policies and best practice but in no way accepts any liability for, and specifically excludes against, any damage whatsoever and howsoever caused by any virus or similar program transmitted by the File. Any download or use of the File is entirely at the risk of the user.
  5. This Agreement and the obligations of the parties shall be governed by the UP Visayas governing/administering body.
  6. This Agreement may be modified at any time by IntraAdmin and such new or modified terms and conditions as it may, in its sole discretion,impose shall take effect upon such date as IntraAdmin indicates.
  7. By clicking upon the "DOWNLOADS" menu (and the specific download link), you are accepting and agreeing to be bound by these terms and conditions.