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Acceptable Use Policy for Intranet Applications

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(this document is a trial version - may require approval of the UP Visayas Administration)

The University of the Philippines Visayas (UPV) recognizes the importance of legal and ethical use of software or applications. This document provides guidelines for our employees to follow to ensure that we are both legal and ethical in the use of our software assets. All software assets are for official use only and should not be used by employees for personal pursuits.

1.0 Purpose

It is prohibited to non-admins to modify the online web-based applications in the Intranet Portal, unless authorized - this is absolutely unethical and illegal. This policy defines UPV official position on the use of Intranet software application.

2.0 Scope

This policy applies to employees, contractors, consultants, temporary employees, volunteers, and other workers employed by UPV.

3.0 Policy

All UPV hardware including servers, communication equipment, desktop computers, workstations, laptop computers and other similar equipment belong to UPV shall be used for exclusively for UPV work activity. It is the policy of UPV to respect all computer software copyrights and to adhere to the terms of agreement and/or software licenses to which UPV is a party. UPV will take all steps necessary to prohibit users from unauthorized access, illegal use or related documentation for use either on UPV premises or elsewhere unless UPV is expressly authorized to do so by agreement with the user. Unauthorized use of software may subject the users to disciplinary action based on the Acceptable Use Policy for IT and/or other concurring policies, rules and regualtions of the university related to the offense. Only software approved by UPV may be installed and/or used on any resources owned or supported by UPV. Only UPV IT staff can authorize installation, modification, or updates to software installed on any IT resources owned or supported by UPV.

4.0 Policy Standards

The Administration published subsequent to this policy provide specific guidelines for compliance to the policy. Standards reflect current guidelines and may be updated as necessary to meet changes in state and federal rules and regulations and changes in technology implemented in UPV.

5.0 Enforcement

Periodic Audits -The Data and Information Systems Program or DISP IT officers/managers or designated entity will conduct a periodic audit of UPV PCs and servers, including portables, to ensure that UPV is in compliance with all proper and legal use. Random audits may be conducted as well. Also, during the audit there will be search for computer viruses and eliminate any that are found. The full cooperation of all users is required during audits.

Penalties and Reprimands - According to the AUP for IT, illegal use of software is subject to penalties. An authorized user who knowingly illegaly or improperly use the software will be disciplined contingent on substantiated proof of violation. Should a violation of this AUP for IT occur, the individual who committed the violation shall be personally responsible for their own actions and any reasonably foreseeable consequences of those actions. Any employee found to have violated this policy may be disciplined in accordance with the applicable workplace policies and labor contacts. Such discipline may include suspension or even termination of employment

The University of the Philippines Visayas reserves the right to protect its reputation and its investment in computer software by enforcing strong internal controls to prevent the making or use of unauthorized copies of software or applications. These controls may include periodic assessments of software use, announced and unannounced audits of university computers to assure compliance, and the removal of any software found on UP Visayas property for which a valid authorization cannot be determined, and disciplinary actions, including suspension, in the event of employee violation of this policy.


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